Teacher: Sarah Gannon




BA (hons) Dance and Drama degree
A-level Dance and Drama
GCSE Dance

Emergency Aid in the Workplace Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Subjects Studied

 Contemporary, Lyrical, Street,
Hip Hop, Commercial,
 Jazz, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading, Bollywood, BollyHop, Acting,
& Choreography



Sarah has always had a huge passion for dance. Coincidently, it all started with an after school street dance club ran by our very good selves.
From then on, Sarah knew that dance is something she had a passion for and knew what she wanted to do with her life ahead.
She then completed her GCSE and
A-level dance and continued the dance journey onto university, graduating with a Degree in Dance and Drama.

Since graduating, Sarah has been lucky enough to travel around the world for 3 years working within the performing arts industry. She has travelled and worked in places such as: Cyprus, Lapland, India, Qatar and even spent a summer training in Los Angeles.

Sarah also has previous experience of teaching dance classes to a range of different aged students across the North East

Email: sarah@amandanicole.co.uk