ANSD are a Street Dance Crew based at The Amanda Nicole School of Dance.

All crew members are trained at the school and have been hand picked to join our Crews.

Our crew members work towards the same goal of reaching, inspiring and uniting people of all ages through Dance.

ANSD are experienced brand ambassadors and have worked with some very well known businesses and worldwide brands over the years,

including: McDonald's, LaCoste, Yo Yo Noodle, Metro Radio, The BBC and Heelys.
We love taking on new challenges, and have experience in running events with our very experienced event manager,  team of dancers, presenters and tech.

The Crew are also the Heelys UK Official Dance Crew.

ANSD have also worked with media, production companies and TV for a number of years, they perform at many brand promotional events, launches,

and festivals across the country.



ANSD Crew are available to book for Promotions, Events, Festivals, Theatre, TV, Film, and Music
Manager: Amanda Nicole: 07957 707 155



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