Wedding Tuition


A Wedding Day is one of the most important days of a couple's life and the first dance is a very special moment.

Have you thought about that first dance that you have to do by tradition as man and wife?.  

Have you thought how embarrassing it can be when you have to take the floor and everyone is staring at you?. 

With all the effort you have put into your big day, a choreographed dance would be the icing on the cake!.


Let us take that embarrassment away for you. Surprise yourself and feel at ease and confident. 

Give your friends and family a surprise by not doing the usual shuffle of two left feet.  


Pick a piece of your favourite music and we will do the rest. 

We can make any dance fit any piece of music of your choice, slow or up beat, traditional or modern!.  


Only £35.00 per couple, per hour



Bridesmaids, Best Man, Ushers, Hen and Stag Tuition


Why not do something different for your Wedding Day? Book Tuition for your Bridesmaids, Best Man, Ushers, Stags and Hens, and surprise your guests with a Choreographed Routine!


 £10 per person for groups of 4 or more, per hour



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"My wife and i booked classes in the summer of 2014. We had Wedding Dance Tuition with Mark Keenan in preparation for your first dance.

I was very nervous at the thought of having to dance a traditional dance in front of all our friends and family (i have 2 left feet!).

We decided to look into having a couple of dance lessons to keep me from  standing on her toes and to avoid vaguely rotating in the centre of a dance floor while all eyes are on us!

Before our lessons, my wife to be, decided to double my nervousness and increase my fear, when she told me that she wanted to go with a modern 'surprise' first dance.

We chose Amanda Nicole School for our wedding dance lessons and we cannot thank your company enough - Mark is an excellent teacher!

we thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and had immense fun learning the moves! Although we had no experience in dance whatsoever,

Mark took this into consideration and choreographed an amazing routine that even we were able to perform with practice and hard work.

He also mixed all of the music and sound effects for us as well!

When we performed the dance, our guests were stunned and we got the exact surprise effect we were looking for. We highly recommend this company,

you have outstanding teachers, an absolute must for any first dance! I have finally uploaded our first dance video to Youtube!"

Matt Peall


'We would definitely recommend dance lessons for your wedding. The dance lessons we had were very enjoyable, with an excellent teacher Sue.

It was well organised and the teaching was very professional, with original dance moves.

The routines were personally planned for us and took into account our experience and skill level, we enjoyed the classes alot.

It has made us more interested in dancing in general, a very enjoyable experience.

A must for your first dance, to give all your guests a lovely surprise!'.

Lisa & Simon Jackson


'WOW what more can I say! we went to Amanda with what we thought would be impossible to create, being two people with two left feet!

She was extremely helpful in guiding us through our idea before she then arranged for the teacher to give us a call.

Sue was extremely patient with us and not only choreographed a beautiful routine she turned us into Dancers. Truly AMAZING!'

Our guests were in total disbelief!.

Anthony & Sarah Lowestoft


'We thought that the idea in our heads would be too hard for the teacher to translate into choreography, boy were we wrong!

Mark was an amazing teacher with outstanding skills in creating an amazingly skilled, yet hilarious routine. Not only did he choreograph the full thing,

he patiently turned us into performers and he also mixed the music from scratch! Highly recommend this company, fantastic teacher, truly outstanding! '.

Steve & Amelia Wrightson


'After having Wedding lessons in numerous places all over the region and rapidly running out of time we thought we were fighting a loosing battle.

No one we went to for lessons seemed to understand what we wanted and no one could create the kind of routine we so desperately wanted to have to surprise our guests.

We came here with not much hope at all (ashamedly) but what we actually got was totally and utterly beyond our expectations.

We wanted a routine that contained a section of traditional wedding dance, but we also wanted to then shock our guests by going into a massive high energy fun section.

All of the other teachers we tried did a fair job on creating the traditional routine we wanted, but we still weren't happy with what we got,

and to say we wasted hundreds of pounds on lessons elsewhere is an understatement. I cannot thank this company enough, not only did they move heaven and earth to fit us in,

knowing we had very little time left. We got 2 teachers that between them created the most amazing graceful traditional dance (which had alot of our guests in tears)

plus the funky, fun,  skilled section that had our guests in fits of laughter! they are still talking about it now 2 months later!

We can't thank you guys enough and through this we took up classes here, have found our love of dancing and absolutely love it! Thank you so much! '.

Simone & Paul Eastern


"Just want to say a big thank you to Sue, she was brilliant!. We performed our surprise wedding dance to Avicii's Addicted to You and it went down a storm!

our guests were bowled over and said it was the best wedding dance they'd seen. We didn't execute it perfectly, but it certainly had passion!.

Sue was so patient with us, especially as Barry didn't even know how to transfer his weight from one foot to the other, she performed a miracle there!

It was lovely to be able to dance together being cheered on by all our family and friends and it got the party started!"

Anna & Barry



"Ian and i have never danced together and we were nervous about having to do an awkward dance together at our wedding. We decided to look at having some lessons together.

We had seen a clip of someone doing the Charleston on Strictly Come Dancing and we wanted to try something fun.

Sue seemed really excited at the idea of teaching us the Charleston, she was so patient and gradually put together a dance for us.

I find remembering choreography difficult but Sue was always there to go through it again. Our guests were very impressed with the dance,

the feeling we both had once we had "nailed the dance" in front of 150 people was amazing!.

We really enjoyed dancing together and it was the highlight of our wedding for our guests. Thank you so much Sue x"

Alex & Ian Black